Hi, I’m Mitch.

I create products for people who find history a hoot — and help them bring more historically geeky fun into their lives.


• Worked as a professional graphic designer since the last millennium
• Done work for Fortune 500 companies
• Owned my own business since 1987
• Read more than my fair share of geeky history books


And when I’m not designing, I can be found…

Swimming Round the Sound in Bermuda


Traveling to Geeky Destinations
(Grouseland, Buchanan Station, Fort du Chartres, anyone?)


Studying the Stooges




Consulting with this Monster


Watching Vikings on the History Channel


If you’re aching to know more, here are 3 things you don’t know about me…

• Canoe vs. kayak? Canoe

• I’m on a mission to squelch my hunger by visiting every fast food chain


• At age 12, I created this dude out of papier mache…


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